Football 6-1 Regan/Doncaster

Good Evening.

Are you smirking?

Or rolling about the floor laughing?

Fair play to Motherwell for getting two wins and a crushing aggregate result when the handed-down media narrative was that it was Sevco’s tie to lose as they pursued their ‘destiny’ on ‘The Journey’.

Actually, that’s a massive understatement. Motherwell faced the end of their near-30 years in the top flight, and their players (and staff) faced an uncertain future. They stared down the barrel of a gun and produced two great performances.

If you are a ‘Well player or fan you should be very proud indeed tonight.

And let me say a quick word to the fans of the Ibrox club. I know a few who just want to go to the football and cheer on their team. They are good folk.

Yes, they loved the Murray years, and yes they view Sevco as the ‘same club’. But there’s no arrogant swagger about it. There’s even an acceptance that that the Murray success wasn’t entirely ‘straightforward’.

They are gutted like anyone would be after a result like this.

“Is it safe to come out yet?”

However, they will go again next year, and will still manage to enjoy the Fitba. Because that’s what football fans do.

I won’t repeat the points I made this afternoon about how much the promotion of Sevco to the top flight meant for both the MSM and our senior football administrators.

However, make no mistake, there was an awful lot ‘on the line’ for them.

The scene at half time: SR:
The scene at half-time. SR: “45 minutes Neil. 45 FUCKING MINUTES TO SORT THIS!” ND: “We can extend the game into late July if it helps, Stewart”

But Sevco lost.

In a game of football on the pitch.

The decision of fan-lobbied clubs to make Charles Green FC begin its life in the 4th tier rather than the gerrymandered nirvana of the SPL or SFL1 has been utterly vindicated.

The ‘club’ that we were told had to be in the SPL (and then the second tier), has failed to make it to the top tier in the quickest possible time under its own steam.

That ‘steam’ having been provided through the burning of tens of millions of pounds.

Keeping ‘The Journey’ going

Money that only Celtic could dream of spending, and which Sevco has had to keep topping up through a share offer and a succession of loans which have seen most of their assets encumbered.

What a spectacular way to end up third in the Championship, with no cup successes after only 3 years of existence!

Burning bright and burning out…

Turnbull Hutton’s lads stick it to Sevco in the 2014 Ramsden’s Final

As I mentioned above, the great beauty of sport is that we all go again next season.

Sevco can have another go. This time squaring up to the likes of St Mirren, Hibs, QoS and Falkirk. And a number of other sides that took points off them this season.

They will have to graft to get promoted. And spend money on players.

A significant number of Sevco players are about to go out of contract.

Whether they would want to keep those players – who have laboured to Sevco’s ‘achievements’ over the past three years – is an interesting question.

But whatever the case, they have to try and put a side on the park that can get promoted. And they need to have a manager who can marshal them to keep winning.

That’s going to take money.

Lots of it.

Before they even think about stadium repairs and any other ‘onerous’ contractual obligations they may face.

And unless they win the Scottish Cup next season, European football – and the associated revenues – are now another year away.

His Big Mikeness can’t possibly have a say in what happens next at Sevconia… Can he?

As has been said time and again, the truth behind the new regime’s apparent investment intentions remains a mystery.

Maybe they have lots of money to invest (having formulated a plan to repay the loans).

However, almost 3 months on from the EGM which ‘swept’ them to ‘power’, we are yet to hear about its precise ‘quantum’.

Nevertheless, I am sure that whatever the plan is, it is flexible and well-funded enough to cope with another season in the Championship.

The only punch weaker than Cammy Bell’s is the ‘austerity’ punch now set to be served at the Ibrox Christmas party

I am sure that the ‘plan’ is also able to resolve the managerial situation in Sevconia.

Ally needs paying off. And a decision needs to be taken about Stuart McCall. He inherited a mess and steadied the ship. But that’s about it. Performances didn’t really improve on his watch. Nor did results.

The ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ gag really ought to be beneath the dignity of The Clumpany…

Getting out of the Championship must have been top of McCall’s ‘to do’ list when he was appointed. He didn’t manage that, and so a question mark must be hanging over his head.

Stuart McCall tried his best, but was ultimately a 'Prisoner' of his circumstances
Stuart McCall tried his best, but was ultimately a ‘Prisoner’ of his circumstances

It might not take much money (if any) to part company with McCall. However, any new manager will want to be paid (generously – as befits a club of Sevco’s might), and will want assurances about having the funds to get the ‘club’ into the Premiership.

I wonder how Dave King’s warchest is looking right now?

Dave! Don’t get in the taxi Dave!

This is a disastrous day for Sevco, and a great day for our game.

The souped-up, over-hyped juggernaut that was nearly placed into our highest divisions without kicking a ball has had a colossal reality check.

It’s called ‘sport’.

Too many running our game, writing in our media and operating an Ibrox club have had scant regard for that concept over the years.

Well guess what?

Today it gave you a big slap across the face.

And lo! The Bampots and other football fans enjoyed it.

Here’s to sporting integrity!

It ain’t going away!

But if you want to go away Messers Regan and Doncaster, be our guest…