The Jolted Narrative

Things aren’t looking too good for Sevco after the first leg
Good Morning

Well, Well, Well…


Three Motherwell goals. One for Sevco.

At the Crumbledome. 

“Sepp. How do you fancy overturning a 3-1 scoreline in return for a vote? Asking for a friend”

Oh dear!

However, before anyone gets too excited…

We should remember that we are only half-way through the Premiership play-off final, and an early goal for Sevco at Fir Park could rattle the Steelmen and lead to them being swept aside.

Then again, Motherwell might nick a goal and then blast a demoralised Sevco off the park.

Fitness could certainly play a part. Sevco look a long way from being the fittest team you have ever seen, and have played a lot of games in a short space of time.   

Fitness regimes are no laughing matter. Oh wait…

Motherwell, on the other hand, seem to have the kind of engine that you might expect in a team that has been 

  • playing top-flight football; and 
  • overseen all season by management and coaching staff that have a clue about maintaining fitness.

We shall just have to wait and see what happens. 

The Clumpany’s main feeling this morning (after thinking “Get in! Four-in-a-Row! Two trophies in Ronny’s first season!“) is a slight concern that Sevco’s goal last night could provide to be the major turning point in the tie.

I hope I am wrong. The spectacle of Sevco having to try and earn its place in the Premiership all over again – this time against St Mirren, Hibs, QoS and Falkirk etc, would be very entertaining indeed. And the media angst would be a joy to behold.

But it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

In fact, some of the media can’t apparently believe the result.

Steelmen stun Gers and take the lead in play off final” says a headline in the Record today.


‘Well are a top-flight side. Not a great top-flight side, but nevertheless they are used to playing at a decent standard week-in, week-out.

Sevco had a stuttering campaign and lost a significant number of big games against their rivals before finishing third in the Championship.

Matthew Lindsay of the Herald/Evening Times was quick to proclaim his surprise at the result in a tweet last night, before wondering whether both teams could repeat their respective performances in the second leg. 

To be fair, the media reaction hasn’t all been one of shock. Richard Wilson of the BBC did at least provide a pretty measured assessment of the tie and Motherwell’s grip on it.

However, before the game, you could have got the impression from the newspapers and radio that Sevco were strong favourites for the tie.

As we all know, there is an unrelenting narrative around the new version of ‘Rangers’. It says that Scottish football needs to have them – and performing strongly – in the Premiership.

The whole sport – with all its history, rivalries and large fan base – is somehow utterly debased by not having the reincarnation of Rangers lording it over everyone.

The irony of this ridiculous view is that no single club ever did quite so much to debase our sport as dead Rangers: with the financial doping, rule-breaking and utter disregard for other clubs and the good of the game.

There has been more than a whiff of ‘destiny’ and ‘rightful place’ about the MSM coverage of Sevco since its foundation in 2012.

The very notion of ‘The Journey’ ‘back’ to the top flight was always couched in a sense of entitlement and expectation.

Having defied death, ‘Rangers’ would surely get back to where they ‘belong’ as quickly as possible (once the SFA/SPL’s attempted gerrymandering had been sent packing of course!). 

The ‘Journey’ has not always gone as smoothly as the MSM would have you believe

And so it was with the build-up to last night’s game. The stage was set for Sevco to step out in front of a “full Hoose” (sic), get a win and go to Fir Park on Sunday to complete the ‘Journey’.

We were even told by Sevconians that they had the “Battle Fever” on.  

[*Pause for tumbleweed*]

What with the Glorious Regime of Real Rangers Men now being in charge of Sevco, “war” being declared on His Big Mikeness, and stories being run in the paper about a “tug-of-war” with Celtic over the signing of Hibs’ Scott Allan, this was all looking very promising indeed!

The Celtic v Sevco ‘tug of war’ over Scott Allan, expressed via medium of ‘The Clumpany v The Fridge’ over a bottle of Buckie

Unstoppable momentum you might say?

Well no.

Because eleven players plus substitutes still had to take to the field and play a Motherwell side whose long Premiership tenure was under threat, and whose players were quite possibly playing for their continuing livelihoods.

And guess what?

Sport delivered what you would hope for.

It delivered competition, excitement, and drama.

It also delivered a result which defied the media narrative and Sevconian expectations, but which didn’t flatter Motherwell in the slightest. 

Bottle Fever

And the Bampot community smiled.

Actually, it laughed out loud, and then paused for breath, remembering that there is still another 90 minutes (plus stoppage time!) to play. 

The Clumpany issued a heartfelt appeal to Motherwell last night

The play-off final has a long way to go and it wouldn’t surprise me to see our wonderful game deliver another twist. 

Maybe we will see Sevco making their debut in the Premiership next season after all?

Stuart McCall prepares his team to adopt the Sweeper System for the second leg

Then again, maybe we will see Motherwell continue their stay. Lauded by fans of all teams everywhere they go, and offered a Guard of a Honour before every game!

But for now, let’s enjoy this special moment where the unrelenting media narrative and the notion of a destiny-driven ‘Journey’ have been given a huge jolt. 

Maybe it will cause the MSM and Sevconians to have a reality check and rein-in their rhetoric?

Then again…


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