The End of the World

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So, what was once a terrifying possibility is now a trouser-soiling reality.


Timmy is on the run.

Aberdeen are about to be shunted down the pecking order.

Dundee United will become an irrelevance.

The days of St Johnstone and St Mirren winning Cups are over.

Dave King has been approved as ‘Fit and Proper’ by the SFA.

A Scottish football fan reacts with horror having seen how much Dave King is going to invest in Sevco

Who saw that coming?

As I have said before, it seemed laughable that he could get round the SFA’s criteria given his 41 tax convictions and place on the board of Rangers as it hurtled towards the precipice.

And the SFA certainly risked making themselves look a laughing stock (again), in their custodianship of the game if they nodded him through.

But is anyone surprised by the decision?

I think not.

We have been told over and over again that the process has been ‘rigorous’. And I am sure it was. The SFA’s lawyers would have demanded it. As would King’s.

It has certainly dragged on!

But in truth, it was always difficult to envisage a scenario where the SFA wouldn’t want to see the man promising to take Sevco ‘back’ to where they…errr… belong at the helm.

After all, the governing bodies warned us of ‘Armageddon‘ and the possibility of ‘social unrest‘ if a Rangers-entity wasn’t shoehorned into the league. Preferably in the highest possible division.

Was an organisation that was so brazen in 2012 ever likely to stand in King’s way?

Probably not.

“It’s OK Stewart, Armageddon is nearly over”

I said in an earlier post that despite the laughable nature of such a decision, I didn’t much mind whether King was approved.
It changes none of the fundamentals.

Sevco needs a vast amount of money to keep the lights on, and it then needs to conduct a fundamental rebuilding of the ‘club’. It also possibly needs a near-rebuilding of the Crumbledome.

This is before they can even think of bankrolling a title-winning team into the Champions League.

His Big Mikeness hasn’t gone away either. He is owed £5m, has a cast-iron grip on the retail operation, and – with his call for an EGM – he looks set to cause the King regime all sorts of hassle.

There are also various investigations going on in the background. Who knows what developments they may bring about?

And maybe the much-discussed onerous contracts will come back to bite Sevco on the arse?

King’s ‘triumph’ today does not reduce the scope for Sevco hilarity one iota.

The Official Narrative was that King was respecting the SFA ‘F&P’ processes by not investing while they continued.

That was always a colossal red herring. He could throw as much money as he wanted at Sevco whenever he wanted.

Red Herring says “move along, nothing to see here…”

He could certainly have prevented the Three Bears from having to offer a loan to pay the wages. He could even have paid off HBM and made a big ‘statement of intent’ about his determination to get a grip on Sevco’s affairs.

But he didn’t.

However, we have now reached ‘put up or shut up’ time for King (yes for the millionth time).

The Sevco statement this afternoon said that King would

“elaborate on that [the club’s future] in the coming days”

So I guess all will become very clear very soon.

Won’t it?

[*Pause for tumbleweed*]
I expect to hear tales of ‘war chests’, ‘rightful places’, ‘leading Scottish football’, ‘trophies before the end of the week’ etc.

Oh, and the 500 million fans having to put their hands in their pockets…

And it will be lapped up by a fawning MSM for whom King’s ‘victory’ is a dream come true.

For the MSM it’s the best outcome in terms of

  • ‘pretending Rangers didn’t die;
  • getting succulent stories spoon-fed from Real ‘Rangers’ Men

In short, it’s the ‘easy life’. And thank Heaven for that, because pursuing the genuinely tasty stories about the way our game has been run over the years would be exhausting…

So do put your feet up lads! The lamb is on its way!

Lamb-er from Heaven

Of course, what the media won’t dwell upon, and what the ‘returning directors’ of this ‘same club’ won’t discuss is the plight of the 276 Rangers creditors.

There will be no acknowledgement of their losses, despite the ‘club’ allegedly being the same. I wonder why that is?!

“Same club Timmy!”

The SFA didn’t have to specifically consider the 276 creditors when doing its ‘Fit and Proper’ consideration.

This is no surprise really. We now have a convenient fiction in Scotland that a football ‘club’ exists entirely separately from the business that operates it.

A club cannot engage in any economic or administrative activity that might render it liable to consequences.

But it can continue on to infinity even if the St John’s Ambulance, face-painter, tax payers and hundreds of others have to stand idly by, unpaid.

Moral vacuum anyone?

Anyway, well done Dave on getting the Keys to the King-dom (my money is on the Daily Record using that pun). But it’s a long road ‘back’ to the summit for the PretendyGers. And an expensive one.

Bring on the warchest!


The Clumpany is in mourning following the death of its dreams today. Cheers SFA…

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