Not Jacking It In

Yet another Evening Times story about Celtic’s hard-fought and well-earned dominance

Good Evening.

Clumpany Towers is currently casting a Sauron-like burning eye over the gushing effluent pumped out by the MSM when covering Sevco (or ‘Rangers’ as they insist on calling that ‘club’).

Clumpany Towers in a ‘chilled’ moment

The celebrated Chris Jack of the widely-applauded Evening Times tweeted about the Sevco v QoS game today. Specifically about the goals, and then with a link to the match report.

But before the game we also got a genuinely interesting observation from him. Rather than (for example) telling us the team line-ups, offering a comment on the state of the pitch, or emphasising the tastiness of the fixture, we simply got this:

“@Chris_Jack89: ‘No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him’ banner unfurled in front of the Broomloan Front ahead of kick-off at Ibrox.”

Thanks for that Chris. One could almost (for the millionth time) conclude that you might be a Sevco fan who really can’t be doing with trying to hide it.

I mean, it’s not like you gushingly declared ‘victory’ for the ‘Rangers Men’ in a Tweet that almost won the entire internet!

Genre-defining stuff

And it’s not like you seemingly-blithely backed Sevco when they informed the SPFL that they would not be charging Season Ticket holders for admission to home playoff games, citing ‘precedent’ without exploring the ultimately (flawed) merits of that ‘argument’.

“Sevco are right”

However, if I were to take real issue with the specifics of Chris’s Twitter comments today, I would be inclined to focus on the point about “No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him“.

I think it is only fair to point out that quite a number of latter-day ‘Rangers’ failed in the hitherto ‘traditional’ practice of paying the “club’s” bills, and playing by the rules.

It’s fairly significant.

That’s why they died Chris. And why they might forever be a by-word for ‘humiliating implosion’ and rule-breaking, rather than for being ‘the world’s most successful football club‘ (sic sic sic etc).

Many of us find the current lexicon of ‘Rangersness’ to be utterly laughable. It seeks to impose a value and ‘specialness’ that doesn’t exist on a recreated entity.

Moreover, even in the case of the entity that Sevco purports to be, that ‘specialness’ ultimately proved to be a souped-up lie. Such that a group of disgruntled creditors were able to pull the plug – terminally – in 2012. And such that an SFA Judicial Panel found it guilty of offences “just short of match-fixing”.

So spare us the ‘dignified’ rhetoric please…

So in conclusion, what does The Clumpany’s latest piece amount to?

One journalist, working for one paper posted a few tweets today.

Big deal?


But if you care about what masquerades as ‘news’ and sporting integrity in Scotland, you might wish to join me in subjecting the comments of our journalists to the maximum amount of scrutiny at all times.

Always ask yourself, ‘who‘ is saying ‘what‘,  ‘why‘ are they saying it, and ‘why’ are they saying it now.

These are simple but pretty profound questions. I asked them today and I invite you not to lose sight of them!


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