A Quiet Night In (Maybe…)

Good Evening!

There’s an upbeat mood in Clumpany Towers tonight. Not only did the final round of Championship matches – which were amazingly played all at once(!) – deliver excitement and drama at both ends of the table, but the destination of the Premiership title was decided.

In a highly pleasing development, Celtic have wrapped up the Premiership. Following Celtic’s impressive, quality goal-laden demolition of Dundee last night,  Aberdeen lost to Dundee United today. Aberdeen have been magnificent in the league this season and went through a period where they genuinely appeared relentless. I expect to see more from them next season. Indeed, I look forward to it!

I am chuffed to bits for Ronny, who is a man that exudes a love of football and who is obviously loving his time at Celtic. He also doesn’t pander to the media’s tired old clichés about the dynamics of Scottish football. Frankly, that is a valuable public service in itself! 

I dare say some will say that a Scottish title isn’t the same unless it was won in battle against Rangers or even a ‘Rangers’-named entity. 

That’s nuclear-grade bollocks. 

In any country, winning the league is a brilliant achievement that any club would aspire to. Any attempt to suggest otherwise is an insult to the history of the game, to each and every club that was in the competition, and to each and every fan who paid money to watch the contest unfold.

I am thrilled to see Celtic win the League. And the challenge from Aberdeen, and the various losses and draws along the way add to the feeling of winning!

The fact that it is a title won on the back of sustainable rebuilding after near-financial apocalypse two decades ago only adds to the joy.

We have a great game in Scotland that many do down for their own petty ends. I am of the opinion that being top of the pile here remains something to shout about. 

And to drink a lot of celebratory Buckie over…