SIT DOWN, SHUT UP! Errr, right you are Graham…


Do be quiet, Celtic” – Graham Spiers [21 April 2015]

I don’t know about you, but if someone tells me to be quiet, then I tend to want to make an awful lot of noise…

Oh, you’d noticed!

Graham Spiers was in fine form today, treating us to this moving piece:

“Spiers on Sport: Oh stop bleating, Celtic. Get over it. Move on, please”


To be fair to Graham, he makes no bones about the awfulness of *that* decision, and he rightly points out that Celtic have been on the receiving end of some significant “human error” good fortune this season, not least courtesy of Legia “Let Football Win” Warsaw.

But it’s the giddy overplaying and incredulous mocking of Celtic simply asking a question of the SFA following a calamitous blunder by a convention-sized number of officials that is so hilarious.

Words like “Bleating” and “Baffling”, are deployed in the ‘lively’ piece. To add to the wibble-tastic portrayal of Celtic, we are even told that Celtic fans are outdoing the “incessant conspiracy and persecution theories” of Sevconians. High praise indeed, Graham! I wonder if Sports Direct will do Sevco fans a commemorative “Second Most Paranoid Fans in Scotland” t-shirt?

That Celtic statement in full. Apparently...
That Celtic statement in full. Apparently…

The Celtic statement and letter are referred to as a “complaint to the SFA“. Did Graham Spiers actually read the statement? As I discussed yesterday, it praises ICT and says that the club will ask a question.


Let’s just say that again – the statement says Celtic will ask the SFA a question. About a refereeing blunder so laughable that it should have come with free surgery to repair split sides. Clubs ask questions of and about referees all the time. Sometimes it is the manager screaming in the face of a referee after a game, or having a quiet word afterwards. Sometimes it will be a call to the SFA/ SPFL, or contact with the head of refereeing.

On occasion, the ‘questioning’ can take the form of venting to the media. For example, Derek McInnes wasn’t exactly quiet after a Steven McLean (remember him) blunder cost them second place in the league last season…


Celtic fans feel aggrieved, the club asks a question, and the media reaction suggests that it is a truly outrageous thing! Maybe if Ronny had ‘gone postal’ after the match (no letter-related pun intended), the MSM would have had its “Celtic lack class” story that way instead…

In conclusion, it could turn out that asking a pointed question of the authorities will result in an improvement in the standard of officiating. We all want to see that don’t we? Don’t we?!

Anyway, I’m away to work on my ‘They Are All Out To Get Me With A Wicked Conspiracy’ diagram. It currently runs to 400 sheets of A4 paper and is stuck together with foam from the mouths of ‘paranoid’ Celtic fans. I’m hoping Graham Spiers will publish it as an Exclusive.


UPDATE 16:45, 21 April 2015.

The Compliance Officer has now issued a Notice of Complaint to Josh Meekings for a breach of Disciplinary Rule 200: “In that at the above match you did deny the opposing team an obvious goal scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball“.

The implication of this is that the officials did not see the handball. This still begs the question of ‘how the hell not?’, and still leaves Celtic well within their rights to ask questions of the SFA. As for Josh Meekings, the offered one game ban would see him miss the Final and he will doubtless appeal it. It will be interesting to see whether deliberate handball can be proved!

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